Our Services

General Foodstuffs & Bonded Stores

We are meat wholesalers and FF&VV growers with more than 1000 hectares of cultivated land which allows us offering our clients top quality products at very competitive prices. Regardless of the crew nationality we are always able to satisfy the requirements from a vessel.  From local products to a large range of specialty items from all over the world we can deliver almost everything.

Technical Stores

Through all these years we have lerned to identify and fulfill each of the requirements of our clients.

We have reached exclusive cooperation agreements with the leading wholesalers and manufacturers of deck, engine, cabin and safety stores. We always find fast solutions and products with an excellet price-quality relation.

Warehousing & Forwarding

We provide multiple logistical services involved in transporting ship’s spares such as inbond transfers to our warehouses and consolidation.

By delivering ship’s spares along with provisions, bonded and technical stores we create a value added service for our customers.

Our mision is to make sure that each of our services are provided with the utmost care for the best results.